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Pavitratma Convent, Valigonda:

Established in 1998, Diocese of Nalgonda

The Pavitratma Convent in Valigonda, in the Diocese of Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh, opened on the 15 th August 1998. as an off-shoot of Velvarthy community.


The Kinder Garten section of the school had been already begun in 1992 by Velvarthy community close to Valigonda centre. On receiving frequent requests from people for higher classes, the Bishop of Nalgonda requested our sisters to consider the possibility of starting a school with higher classes.

Besides, when the number of students also increased rapidly, it became evident that a proper school was a necessity. So a new School building was constructed and in 1998 it began to function as the Primary and High school for both girls and boys known as Pavitratma English medium School in Valigonda, about two km away from Valigonda centre, on Thorur Road, having Mandal Office and Police station in its vicinity. Accordingly in 1998, a new community was established here who used the hall in the basement of the new school as their Convent, but the Convent still belonged to Velvarthy Parish.

A new Convent was constructed almost adjacent to the school premises and the Sisters moved into it in April 2003.

The vision, mission and goals were both educational and pastoral :

  • To make known the values of Christ through education,
  • To give educational facilities
  • To provide hostel facilities to children coming from remote areas
  • To go occasionally to other sub-stations and to care for the church and parishioners there.







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